Meeting the Language Needs of Today's English Language Learner

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What educators say:

"[The Professional Development Module] featured very specific strategies to increase rigor even at the lowest levels."

"I see now, more than ever, the benefits and need to incorporate these [academic, critical thinking and technology] skills at the beginning levels."

Mastering complex language and developing critical thinking skills have become increasingly important for success in today’s world. This suite of resources addresses the skills that adult ELLs need to succeed.

This brief explains the need for rigorous language instruction and literacy skills. It cites specific elements that research has shown to be critical for adult ELLs’ full access to academic and work opportunities.

This interactive, self-paced online module offers teachers and administrators an appreciation for the complex language demands faced by adult learners in today’s world. It provides tools and skills for advancing the rigor of instruction in adult English language acquisition.


  • How to weave transition skills into your language.
  • What gaps exist between what we tend to teach in adult ESL and what is needed for success in post-secondary training.
  • What the benefits are of more rigorous instruction.
  • How rigorous instruction prepares learners for jobs of the 21st century.

This practice-oriented resource provides examples of specific instructional strategies. It offers resources to help instructors effectively prepare their learners to meet the increased language and literacy demands of postsecondary education and the workplace.

Learn about Open Educational Resources (OER), how they can be used in instruction, and how they can enhance student learning.

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