Professional Development Units for CCR Standards in Mathematics

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Mathematical Foundational Units 1 - 4

Sample Mathematics Agenda

Considered together, these activities will introduce you to the key instructional advances of the CCR standards for mathematics. Begin with Unit 1, and work through the other three units in a sequence you choose. The four units can be facilitated during a single training, one and a half days in length. Or they can be facilitated in multiple trainings offered over several weeks or months.

Foundational Unit 1: Focusing on the Major Work of the Levels

Addresses the most critical concepts and skills that students must master to be prepared for college and careers. (90 minutes)

Foundational Unit 2: Thinking Across Levels to Connect Learning

Concentrates on the concept of coherence and the central role it plays in the CCR Standards for mathematics. (90 minutes)

Foundational Unit 3: Engaging the Three Components of Rigor

Investigates what it means to create a rigorous mathematics curriculum. (60 minutes)

Foundational Unit 4: Connecting Standards for Mathematical Practice

Provides techniques to enrich instruction by integrating the eight Standards for Mathematical Practice with the content-specific standards.

Mathematics Advanced Units 1 - 3

These activities will help you implement the CCR standards for mathematics in adult education classes. You can teach the advanced units in any order you choose. Learning the content in one unit does not depend on learning the content in the others. Unit 1 takes two days of training and Units 2 and 3 each take one day of training.

Advanced Unit 1: Aligning Resources With Standards

Teaches how to judge and align curriculum resources with the CCR standards. (2 days)

Units 2 and 3 Coming Soon