Professional Development for State Adult Education Programs

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The LINCS Professional Development Center

We help build state capacity to establish or operate professional development programs.

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Meet the LINCS Professional Development Center

The LINCS Professional Development Center (PD) Center assists states in meeting the state leadership requirements set forth in Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Section 223. By leveraging available LINCS resources, trainings, and train-the-trainer opportunities, states can expand their capacity to establish or operate a high-quality professional development program.

What We Do

The LINCS PD Center offers services to state staff to help build state PD programs. Services aim to help states:

  • Use and/or customize LINCS resources
  • Develop state/trainers, including program-based instructional leaders
  • Improve training delivery and access
  • Integrate technology
  • Better support local providers

Contact Us

Contact the LINCS PD Center ( to:

  • Request LINCS trainings or train-the-trainer opportunities for your state
  • Request LINCS training materials
  • Ask questions about the LINCS PD Center’s new structure and capacities

 For more information, see the first PD Center newsletter

States can now request training.

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