Adult Career Pathways

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Welcome to LINCS, members!

forex trading platforms The ACP website closed on September 25, 2013 and has been moved to the Literacy Information and Communication System (LINCS).

All online courses previously available on the ACP site have been moved to the LINCS Learning Portal. You will need to create a LINCS Learning Portal user account to access the courses.

ACP members can visit the LINCS Communities of Practice website and join the Career Pathways group for continued peer-to-peer learning opportunities. To contribute to the Communities of Practice website, please sign up for a new CoP user account.

Please note that any login credentials you may have had on the ACP website will not work on any LINCS websites.

You will need to create new (separate) accounts on both the LINCS Learning Portal and the LINCS Communities of Practice websites.

The Adult Career Pathways Training and Support Center, part of the federally funded Designing Instruction for Career Pathways initiative, provided a free professional development network for practitioners and programs interested in designing and implementing high-quality Adult Career Pathways (ACP) systems. The resources developed through this initiative were designed to help state and local adult education providers develop and deliver Adult Career Pathways systems that would successfully transition low-skilled adults to postsecondary education and employment. Practitioners may continue to leverage these resources and the network of practitioners where they now reside on LINCS. Follow the links below to explore these evidence-based, high-quality courses and resources.

Online Courses

how to invest in cryptocurrency in pakistan Each online course is self-paced and tailored to meet the needs of practitioners and programs working in career pathways.

  • Building Strategic Partnerships
  • Developing Effective Bridge Programs
  • Designing Contextualized Instruction
  • Integrating Career Counseling and Planning into Adult Education
  • Engaging Employers in Adult Career Pathways

Courses are divided into multiple segments to allow for practice, reflection, and extended learning. Certificates of completion are available. 

More information on ACP Online Courses

Resource Center

The ACP resource center includes high-quality instructional, professional development, and support services materials for designing and implementing Adult Career Pathways systems in the LINCS Resource Collection. Many of these materials help practitioners better understand Adult Career Pathways and expand their professional knowledge. With greater understanding and knowledge, practitioners can facilitate learner progression along education and training pathways that lead to secondary and postsecondary credentials, as well as employment and career advancement in a particular sector.

Search the LINCS Resource Collection now

Issue Brief

The Engaging Employers Issue Brief was developed to focus on priority issue areas in designing and implementing Adult Career Pathways.


The ACP-SC Webcast Series focuses on key topics that support implementing high-quality Adult Career Pathway programs, and feature experts from the field speaking on key topics. Below is a complete list of all eight webcasts select the video you would like to watch:


forex-pk ACP News was a bimonthly newsletter publication to the field developed as part of the DICP Initiative. Each newsletter was designed to provide updates from the field and highlight project activities of interest. Click on the issue of ACP News you would like to view:


Communicate with other practitioners interested in building Adult Career Pathways systems in the LINCS Community’s Career Pathways group.